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Product Code: R1-2

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Product Information

For information on the Proper SIZE of this Sign, Click Here

For information on GRADES of REFLECTIVE SHEETINGfor traffic signs on public AND private roads “Open to Public Travel” (only private roads that are gated and posted “No Trespassing” are exempt). Click Here

MOUNTING HOLES:  This sign comes with

  • two (2) 3/8” mounting holes for attachment to a sign post or wall (most signs up to 30” wide and some up to 36” wide), OR
  • four (4) 3/8” mounting holes for very large signs for use with two (2) sign posts or mounting to a wall (typically 36” or wider; call us for actual details)

according to the hole pattern and dimensions established within the FHWA MUTCD for this size sign.

This sign is


ALUMINUM:  This sign is made using the

·       highest quality Alcoa™ 0.080” 5052-H38 aluminum (the thickness, alloy and hardness specified by the FHWA for traffic signs)

·       factory coated with Alodine™ (a Chromate Conversion process to prevent oxidation / “white rust”). 


WARNING:Be wary of Competitors that use

·       thinner aluminum (such as .063” or .040”),

·       inferior alloys (like 3000 series recycled aluminum),

·       steel (which will rust quickly),

·       uncoated aluminum (not Alodine™ coated; only untreated “Mill Finish”) or

·       simply do not state the specifications of the aluminum and other materials they use (“Buyer Beware!”).


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Product CodeR1-2

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