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We offer a WIDE VARIETY of different sizes and shapes of Custom Signs that are shown and can be ordered on-line on our website, but other sizes & shapes are also available



In addition to the sign sizes shown on our website, we also offer OTHER custom sign sizes

  • SPECIAL sizes to “fit” a particular space or personal preference
  • Very LARGE signs, including “multi-panel” signs (that are larger than one sheet of aluminum and therefore must be made in “sections” that are “butted together” on-site when installed) We have made multi-panel reflective aluminum signs made in sections with overall measurements of 9’ wide by 42’ tall and greater! Please contact us for very large sign needs
  • “ODD” (non-standard) SIZES specified in construction drawings
  • METRIC sizes

Please contact us for sizes of custom signs not shown on our website



We offer custom signs that can be ordered on-line in a variety of different shapes.   However… the layout of the sign(based upon the amount of text, the number of lines of text and other factors) usually determines which shape of sign is best. We can let you know if the shape you desire will “work” and which shape is best for your text.

  • SQUARE often a good choice if the number of lines of text and length of the text demand a square shaped signs
  • VERTICAL RECTANGLE (where the height is greater than the width) Handicap and other parking signs are examples of this shape. Good choice for signs with many lines of short text or “lists” such as ‘NO Trespassing / Hunting / State boards, Solicitors etc.’
  • HORIZONTAL RECTANGLE (where the width is greater than the height) Usually considered more “aesthetically pleasing” than a ‘square’ or ‘vertical rectangle’ shaped sign, and often an excellent choice if the amount of text allows this shape
  • OCTAGON (the familiar 8-sided “STOP” sign shape) Unique, visually pleasing, but due to the shape, the amount of usable space for text is limited. Typically only for custom signs with very little text
  • TRIANGLE (the “YIELD” sign shape; but can be “inverted” where the “point” is at the TOP [like European traffic signs vs. at the BOTTOM on a “Yield” sign], if desired) Also ‘unique’ and ‘eye-catching’, but the amount of usable space for text is extremely limited. Like octagon shaped signs, typically only for custom signs with very little text
  • CIRCLE (round signs, like the shape used for “Railroad Crossing Ahead’ signs) Like triangle shaped signs, this shape ‘stands out’ but the amount of usable space for text is extremely limited due to the shape and therefore only good for custom signs with very little text
  • INTERSTATE and US ROUTE MARKERS (“Shield” shaped signs for Interstate and US Highways) Customers have ordered these shield shape signs and used their text and colors to create a totally unique sign
  • OTHER SHAPES We also offer “arch shape”, “special curves” and special shaped signs that are cut-by-hand to the customer’s requirements. Additional fees, of course, apply for these one-of-a-kind special shapes

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