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Shipping options



  • The vast majority of our signs are shipped via UPS
  • Of those, most customers choose UPS Ground because it is
    • the most economical, least expensive UPS shipping method
    • it is extremely reliable with relatively fast delivery. We are located in Henderson, NV (very near Las Vegas). Shipments via UPS Ground normally* arrive:
      • most of California, Nevada, Arizona and other nearby locations in Utah and other states: the next business day
      • other western states and locations “west of the Mississippi”: within 2 or 3 business days
      • mid-western states: 3-4 business days
      • eastern states: 4-5 business days
      • north-eastern seaboard states: 5 business days
      • * please visit and view their Ground Map for zip code 89015
      • * delays in shipment, most often caused by weather, sometimes delay delivery dates. Neither UPS nor ARA Signs can offer any refund for shipment delays while in transit and under UPS control.
    • Other faster (but more expensive) “expedited” UPS shipping methods are available for orders placed on-line on our website or orders placed by phone
      • They include 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air Saver, Next Day Air and, for most larger cities, Next Day Air Early AM. If an order is placed by phone, we can also use UPS’s Saturday Delivery Service (not available for on-line orders placed thru our website, )
      • For nearby and most western states, all of UPS expedited shipping methods, especially 3-Day select, are usually a waste of money because the signs will be delivered within a day or two if shipped via UPS Ground o For Midwest and eastern states, 3-Day, 2nd Day and Next Day Air may be an option if signs are needed ASAP
      • Any of the “expedited” UPS shipping methods via AIR have the additional advantage of being less likely to experience rare “UPS mistakes” in shipment (“temporally lost or misdirected”, “missed the truck” and other mistakes by UPS sometimes occur, but are very rare), but delays due to bad weather usually effect all UPS shipping methods including “expedited” methods
      • Signs are large, heavy objects. Consequently, the cost of UPS “expedited” shipping methods tend to be very expensive, depending on the destination, size, weight of the package and type of “expedited” UPS method chosen. UPS Ground is always the most economical and reasonably priced UPS shipping method.

UPS “Expedited Shipping” vs. “Manufacturing time

  • We realize that whenever a customer pays the additional money for an “expedited” UPS shipping method, they “need the sign(s) yesterday!”
  • In most cases we are able to “RUSH” orders and are ready for UPS to pick-up much faster than “normal” at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • However, if our production schedule will not allow us to “rush” orders, our “regular” manufacturing time remains the same
  • Therefore, ‘for the record’, we must state “Expedited shipping methods will not affect when your items ship”
  • In other words, we will TRY, whenever possible, to “Rush” manufacturing of all UPS expedited method shipment sign orders, but we CANNOT GUARANTEE that we can shorten our manufacturing time.

LARGE SIGNS and certain very large orders

  • Some larger signs (such as 30” X 30” and 48” X 36” signs and other sizes) fall under UPS’s “Special Handling” rates where UPS charges a modest additional fee*
  • Very large signs (such as 48” X 48” and 72” X 36” and other sizes) fall under UPS’s “Oversize Rates” where UPS imposes hefty surcharges and rates*
  • All extremely large signs that exceed UPS’s maximum width and height dimensions (such as 96” X 48”, 120” X 36” and other very large sizes) must be shipped via motor freight*
  • * please contact us or visit to see UPS “Special Handling”, “Oversize” and maximum dimensions and surcharges
  • Occasionally some very large and heavy shipments that are still within UPS’s size maximums and therefore “UPS shippable” are less expensive to ship via motor freight than via UPS. Shipping via motor freight may take a few days longer than UPS, but if it is economically advantageous to do so, we will calculate the cost of both carriers and advise you.


  • Occasionally Customers request shipping via FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service. We can ship via these methods, but since we don’t have a negotiated / discounted rate with them, the cost is usually slightly higher. Please be advised that the USPS maximum weight and dimensions are much more restrictive than UPS.
  • Some customers prefer to use their UPS or FedEx Account to pay for shipping. There will not, of course, be any shipping cost on the invoice, but we will charge a very modest packaging fee for labor and packaging materials.
  • For some larger shipments in the greater Las Vegas, NV area and outlying areas, we can deliver signs using our truck if it is more economical than UPS. For very large orders, it has, on a few occasions, been financially advantageous to our customers to deliver signs to California, Arizona and Utah using our truck.


  • Occasionally for certain shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other U.S. Possessions it is less expensive to ship via the U.S. Postal Service than UPS.  For shipments to these destinations, we will calculate the cost for both methods and advise you.
  • Shipments to Canada:
    • The vast majority of our shipments to Canada are sent via UPS Standard
    • Although, due to NAFTA, there is no duty, taxes or import fees for any order under $1,000 USD, if any import fees are assessed by the Canadian Government, the customer must bear the cost of these fees
    • For some shipments (apparently randomly and fortunately relatively rarely) Canadian Customs routs some shipments from the USA thru a Canadian Customs Broker who charge a modest fee to process the shipment thru Customs. If/when this occurs, it is beyond UPS’s or our control and is not included in our or UPS’s shipping cost. Consequently, if, on the relatively rare occasions this occurs, any fee charged by a Customs Broker must be borne by the customer. If this happens, Canadian Customs or their designee will contact you requesting payment before UPS will complete the shipment.
  • Shipments to Mexico: like shipments to Canada, most shipments to Mexico benefit from NAFTA preferential treatment, however any/all import and export fees, if any, must be borne by the customer.
  • Shipments to Europe and other countries:
  • We frequently ship signs to business in other countries that use a U.S. based Exporter / Customs Broker (typically in Florida and California). We ship the signs to their U.S. address. The exporter than prepares the paperwork for export and import using whatever financial arrangements in place between that service and their client (our customer)
  • For customers in other countries that do not have an Exporter / Custom Broker service, we can ship to most countries via UPS, but the customer must bear the cost of all custom fees, tariffs, taxes and other expenses, if any, involved in exporting and importing US made products.

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