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Our WARRANTY and Return Policy




All signs manufactured by ARA Signs, Inc. are covered by 3 WARRANTIES and are shipped FULLY INSURED.

The 3 warranties / guaranties included with EVERY sign are:

  1. 1, 2 or 3 Year* ARA Signs, Inc. Workmanship and Materials Warranty on the entire sign
  2.  up to 12 Year* Avery-Dennison™ or 3M™ Reflective Sheeting Materials Warranty
  3.  up to 12 Year* 3M™ Acrylic Film Materials Warranty

         * length of the warranty depends upon the Grade of Reflective Sheeting used to manufacture the sign(s)

The following are only excerpts from our warranty policy.  Please contact us to receive a copy of our written Warranty.

1. ARA SIGNS WARRANTY; the best, longest guarantee in the sign business. Although a few sign shops offer a 1 year warranty on some signs, most only offer a 1 to 3 month or NO warranty!

  • We guarantee our signs against any workmanship or materials defect for
    • Diamond Grade signs: 3 years
    • High Intensity Prismatic Type III/IV signs: 2 years
    • Engineer Grade Type I signs: 1 year
  • if any of our signs develop any defect during normal use within the above time periods:
    • please contact for a RMA number and instructions on how return the sign(s) to us
    • at your option
      • we will
        • make a replacement sign(s)
        • ship the sign to you at no cost to you
        • reimburse you for the shipping cost to return the defective sign(s), OR
      • we will refund
        • 100% of the purchase price
        • the original shipping cost
        • the cost to return the defective sign(s) to us AND
      • our sincere apologies are also included with either option you choose. Fortunately for us and our customers, we use the highest quality control standards; defective signs and returns are extremely rare. It’s been years since we’ve had a warranty claim, but we stand ready to “do right by you” in the unlikely event a sign slips past and fails to meet our high standards.
  • ​​Our warranty applies to damage of signs due to “our error” (workmanship and materials defects) and during “normal use”. Not covered is:
    • Misuse, mishandling, neglect, improper storage, vandalism or any other damage including vehicular damage, normal use wear and tear, or damage caused by the use of any cleaner other than mild soap and water.
    • ARA Signs makes no warranty as to the suitability of any sign, sign post or hardware. For example, although we can provide general advice on sign sizes and grades of reflective sheetings, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to check with their Local Jurisdiction to see what size and grade local ordinances are in place for traffic signs.


All ARA Signs are made using Avery Dennison or 3M reflective sheetings. Both of these sheeting manufacturers offer a limited warranty up to 12 years (depending upon the grade of sheeting used) on their reflective sheetings.

The above information is taken from the Avery and 3M™ websites and applies to MOST signs. For specific information on the 3M™ warranties and/or to see if any 3M™ warranty limitations for your particular application, location, type of sheeting or signs apply, visit the 3M™ web site at Please visit the Avery website for additional warranty information for Avery products


All ARA Signs are made using 3M colored transparent acrylic film to make the legend (text, borders, symbols etc.); 3M’s best, most durable and best warranted sign legend making material.

Unlike 3M process colors used to make silkscreened traffic and custom signs that, in certain colors, have only a 1 year warranty or NO warranty, 3M warranties their acrylic film for “…the same time period as the reflective sheeting to which it is applied.” (again, up to 12 years), in every color they offer and we use.

For more information on the 3M™ Acrylic film Warranty, and/or to compare the warranties of “Process Colors” (silk-screened signs), visit the 3M™ web site at

DAMAGE DURING SHIPMENTAll of our signs are shipped via UPS or Motor Freight FULLY INSURED.

  • Please inspect all packages for damage upon receipt*
  • Please notify the carrier of any damage and/or note it on the motor freight Bill of Lading*
  • Please contact us ASAP*

           *UPS and other carriers have strict time limits for reporting damage and filing damage claims. If we and the carrier are not notified in a timely manner, we will not be able to file an insurance claim or send a replacement sign at no cost to you.

  • We will file a shipping damage insurance claim and send replacement sign(s) at no additional cost to you. We never wait until we receive an insurance settlement and “get our money” from the carrier. Instead we make and ship a replacement sign ASAP… we’ll be reimbursed by the carrier eventually.

​To obtain a copy of our Warranty, please contact us and we will email you or mail you a copy.




This policy applies to customers desiring either a REFUND or an EXCHANGE for traffic sign* orders placed in error or for any reason other than warranty issues. Please see our “Warranty” information above for the procedure to replace defective signs

* For obvious reasons, “Custom” and “Semi-custom” signs (containing any custom or semi-custom text, legend or artwork) are not refundable or exchangeable.

Occasionally our customers wished they had ordered a larger, smaller or different traffic sign AFTER they receive their orders.

Because our primary goal is that you are 100% SATISFIED with your purchases, we offer one of the BEST RETURN POLICIES IN THE SIGN INDUSTRY

ARA Signs offers a  30 day, 100% Refund or Credit for “Standard” signs (all MUTCD and DOT traffic, parking, and other signs without any custom text or legend)

  • Our Return Policy does NOT apply to Custom and semi-custom signs
  • Shipping and Handling of the original shipment is NOT refundable (see note below)

subject to the following:

  • The sign(s) must be
    • a) unused, and
    • b) returned within 30 days, and
    • c) received by us in new, re-sellable condition (no damage or wear whatsoever)
  • Upon receipt and inspection by ARA Signs, at the election of the Customer (your choice), ARA Signs will
    • a) refund the full purchase price of the sign(s) OR
    • b) apply the full purchase price of the sign(s) towards the cost of the re- order and refund the difference, if any
  • Shipping and Handling (S&H): Whereas UPS and the Post Office will not, of course, refund shipping costs for unwanted signs:
    • The S&H costs (UPS or USPS fees and packaging costs) of shipping the original order to you is not refundable
    • The customer must also bear the shipping costs of returning the sign(s) to us
    • If, instead of a refund, you would like to exchange the sign for a different sign, the customer must also pay for the shipping costs of the replacement sign(s)
  • Unlike all other sign shops, ARA Signs does NOT charge a “Restocking Fee”


  • Call ARA Signs, Inc. at 702-644-7446 Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM PST
  • Provide the approximate invoice/sales receipt date and desired remedy (full refund or exchange/credit)
  • We will provide a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and shipping address for returning the sign(s)
  • Carefully
    • package sign(s) in the original packaging material,
    • write the RMA number on the corner of the package and
    • send via insured UPS, FedEx, U.S. Mail etc. to us
  • Upon receipt and satisfactory inspection of the returned sign(s), ARA will, at the customer’s request / choice:
    • a) Refunds: mail a check (or EFT the funds back to the credit card number you used to make the purchase) within 2 business days, for the cost of the sign(s), less original S&H
    • b) Exchanges where the cost of the re-order exceeds the credit: after payment for the difference is received (receipt of credit card number OR your check has cleared our bank), we will manufacture and ship your replacement sign(s) as quickly as possible
    • c) Exchanges where the credit is more than the cost of the re-order: If the purchase price of the original sign(s) is greater than the purchase price of the replacement sign(s) and S&H, we will mail you a check or EFT the funds (your choice) for the difference within 2 business days and manufacture your new signs as quickly as possible

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