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We believe we are the best supplier of reflective aluminum signs, posts and hardware for the 400+ units of the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE because…

WE ARE NPS The owners of ARA Signs are recently RETIRED NATIONAL PARK SERVICE EMPLOYEES.  Dave spent his last 33 years of his federal career with the NPS and Mary worked for the NPS for 22 years.  We have always been, and will always be “NPS Family” and there will always be a special place in our hearts for the National Park Service.  You have our solemn word that we will always “do right by you”… whatever it takes, whatever the cost to us.

WE KNOW the NPS UNIGUIDE Mary was a Sign Maker at Lake Mead National Recreation Area for 22 years until she retired in Nov. 2014.  Few, if anyone, knows more about the complex NPS sign standards (NPS Uniguide) and the sign needs of Parks than Mary.

PARKS LOVE US We have made traffic signs and custom signs for numerous units of the NPS.  Repeat orders from various parks have been our “bread and butter”; we really appreciate their business.  A special “thank you” to Death Valley National Park who has been one of our best customers over the years.


We also believe we are the best supplier of reflective aluminum signs, sign posts and hardware for the U.S. FOREST SERVICE because…

WILDLAND FIRES have been etched into our DNA.  Dave and Mary have been on countless wildland fires and other incidents as “Overhead”; Dave was a Facility Unit Leader and Mary performed the thankless task of Equipment Time Recorder.  We have fond memories of these incidents and our favorite memories will always be working side-by-side with Forest Service employees and employees of other Agencies.

WE KNOW USFS Sign Standards   We have sold signs to numerous National Forests and we are very familiar with your sign standards and needs

USFS Insignia (logo)  We are able to duplicate the brown & white USFS insignia (logo) and incorporate them directly into our signs.  Fortunately, the brown color used on your logo is the same as the FHWA brown found on park and recreation signs we make.  Whereas the 3M transparent acrylic film we use to create your insignia and the background color or legend is the most durable sign making material available, it is many times more durable than the vinyl logo “stickers” other sign shops use.


In addition to our personal connection with the NPS and USFS, we believe we offer a superior product because:

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS  We only use the BEST materials:

  • Alcoa™ 5052-H38 aluminum treated with a chromate conversion process (Alodine 1200)
  • 3M™ and Avery-Dennison™ reflective sheetings made in the USA (never lower quality foreign-made)
  • 3M™ acrylic transparent film to create the legend (text, symbols, borders etc.); 3M’s best, most durable legend making material
  • Please see additional information on our website regarding our sign-making materials and methods

MOST DURABLE SIGNS AVAILABLE  Given our sign making methods and materials, our sign are the BEST, LONGEST LASTING, MOST DURABLE signs for:

  • 134° F * HOT, SUNNY climates such as EVER, GUIS, PEFO, DEVO (*Furnace Creek: highest recorded temperature on earth), MOJA, HAVO, CACH and other NPS units and National Forests in the desert SW and “Sunbelt” states
  • -135.8° F * COLD or WET climates; we’ve made numerous signs for the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) / National Science Foundation (for various research facilities at the South Pole and other sites in Antarctica; lowest recorded temperature on earth*) and THRO, SAND and other units of the NPS and National Forests where “cold & wet” is “normal”
  • Wherever long lasting, durable signs are required or desired

WARRANTY  We offer the BEST WARRANTY / GUARANTEE in the sign business: unconditional 1 year warranty for Engineer Grade reflective sheeting signs, 2 years for High Intensity Prismatic and 3 years for signs made using Diamond Grade reflective sheeting.  We also offer our “unwritten”, special warranty exclusively for NATIONAL PARK SERVICE and U.S. FOREST SERVICE CUSTOMERS; contact us anytime and we’ll take care of you.


  • Our prices for NPS Uniguide signs are the very lowest available
  • Our custom signs are among the lowest prices you can find… and the most durable & longest lasting
  • Our standard (MUTCD “Stop” signs, speed limit signs, etc.)are not always the lowest priced, but due to our materials, they are the longest lasting and are therefore the most cost effective over time

LEAD TIME  We have one of the shortest lead times in the sign industry for Custom Signs

SAM.GOV  We are registered with SAM.GOVas a supplier of reflective aluminum signs, posts & hardware.


Please see our “Purchasing info for US Government and Military Customers” link on our homepage which contains

  • excerpts from the FAR regulations
  • GSA Advantage credit card and other FAR “Micro Purchase” limits
  • why it is no longer required to purchase signs from UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries)Additional info on our registration

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