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Mounting HOLES and CORNERS


Sign Mounting HOLES

  • The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has established a standard for the number and location of mounting holes on Trafficsigns (“Stop” signs, speed limit signs, parking signs etc.) that has also been adopted by all 50 State Highway Departments and Dept. of Transportation (DOT)
  • These standards and dimensions between holes provide the optimum support for signs on sign posts in windy conditions and vary from one sign size to another.
  • Number of holes: per the FHWA standards:
    • All small and medium signs have two (2) mounting holes for mounting on one (1) sign post.
    • Larger signs (typically over 36” wide) have four (4) mounting holes for two (2) posts.
  • Size of holes: the standard diameter of holes are 3/8”. Although 3/8” hardware (nuts & bolts, etc.) can be used, usually 5’16” hardware is used to mount signs on sign posts to allow a little “wiggle room” in case the holes in the signs and sign post are not perfectly aligned.
  • Unless requested otherwise, all ARA Signs come with two or four 3/8” holes pursuant to the FHWA / DOT standards*. If requested, we can provide
    • No holes
    • 4 holes in each corner (either the standard 3/8” diameter hole or, if desired and requested, smaller ¼” holes for small signs) for mounting to a wall or flat surface
    • Any other number of holes and location (measurements) of holes
    • Please contact us if you desire a hole pattern other than the FHWA standards.
  • * However… for certain sizes and types of signs, such as the common 18” X 24” R2-1 Speed Limit sign, if the FHWA hole pattern / standards are used, the mounting holes would be in the middle of the text!  For these few exceptions, we intentionally deviate from the FHWA standards and modify (move) the location of the holes or text whenever possible to insure that the holes and sign mounting hardware does not interfere / cover the text. Nothing is worse than having the sign mounting nuts and bolts covering part of the sign text!
  • Custom Signs: Although these FHWA sign standards for holes do NOT apply to Custom Signs for businesses and personal use, unless the customer or layout requires something different**, we use the same FHWA standards for mounting holes.  ** Like traffic signs, we can provide any hole pattern described above on custom signs.



  • The FHWA has also established standards for the RADIUS of the rounded corners on Traffic signs.
    • A few, very small specialty signs have ¾” or 1” radius corners
    • Most smaller signs have 1½” corners (12” X 18” parking signs, for example)
    • Larger radius corners (1 7/8”, 2 ¼” and 3”) for medium to large signs, depending on the size of the sign
    • The octagon shaped "Stop" sign and the round circle railroad crossing sign, of course, do not have rounded corners.  The radius of the triangle shaped "Yield" sign uses a different radius.  These "exceptions" also apply to custom signs these shapes
  • All ARA Signs traffic signs come with rounded corners pursuant to these FHWA standards
  • Custom Signs: Although these FHWA sign standards for holes do NOT apply to Custom Signs for businesses and personal use, unless the customer or layout requires something different, we usually use the same FHWA standards for the rounded corners on signs.
  • If desired and requested, we can also provide signs with Square 90 degree corners*(no rounded / radius corners).
  • * CAUTION: Most people agree that rounded corners on signs look nicer and give a more professional, “finished” look than square corners, they are also much safer.  Unless a sign with square, unrounded corners is mounted on a wall or flat surface, these sharp, 90 degree corners can cause bodily injury if someone bumps into the sign or even brushes up against it.  We, therefore, recommend signs with rounded (radius) corners unless your custom sign application demands 90 degree, unrounded corners.

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