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GRADES of Reflective Sheetings and SIZES of signs

GRADES and SIZES: Grades of Reflective Sheetings and Sign Sizes

for signs installed along PUBLIC roads and on PRIVATE PROPERTY


Traffic Signs installed on PRIVATE PROPERTYWhy does state, county or city sign SIZE and GRADE (of reflective sheeting) requirements for signs along public streets also apply to a Traffic sign (speed limit, parking, regulatory, warning etc.) I am installing on my PRIVATE PROPERTY?



  • GRADES of Reflective Sheetings  What GRADE do I need or is required for public roads or privately owned roads?
  • BEST GRADES and OPTIONS of Reflective Sheetings for CUSTOM signs   What Grade of reflectivity should I use for a Custom sign?
  • Are non-reflective, vinyl signs available?   Why are your reflective signs less expensive and more durable than non-reflective signs?



  • Sizes of TRAFFIC Signs: What size traffic sign (speed limit, parking, regulatory, warning etc.) is required for public roads?   For privately owned roads?
  • Sizes and shapes of CUSTOM Signs: What size or shape custom sign should I order?
  • YIELD and CUSTOM TRIANGLE sign measurements: How are triangle shaped signs measured? I ordered a YIELD (or CUSTOM TRIANGLE) sign and it is SMALLER than the nominal size stated.  Why?

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